Valentine's Week at The Roof

Fun starts on Thursday 2/13.

Thursday 2/13

Galentine's Day, where we celebrate "Ovaries before Brovaries". Help us celebrate the pre-Valentine's "holiday" made popular by the show, Parks and Recreation! 1/2 off wine and champagne for everyone all day! DJ Blake provides the soundtrack and plays all your favorite songs with a focus on female artists. Make Leslie Knope proud and order her favorite WAFFLES. Tin Roof's Chicken n Waffles is tender pieces of buttermilk fried chicken, Belgian waffles, & bacon-Sorghum syrup!


Friday 2/14

Valentine's Day isn't just a day for couples! Here at Tin Roof, we are ready to play wing man, like we have since we came to Columbia in 2010. Our Traffic light party is the perfect opportunity to make a new friend or maybe more. Slap on a neon glow bracelet that we will provide and have fun! (Green = Single and ready to mingle,  Yellow = its complicated , &  Red = Taken and happy.) Cardfall provides the soundtrack, while the best staff in Columbia takes care of you.


Saturday 2/15

Whether single by choice or by being "cursed"..... The Roof has got you!  We have the perfect Anti-Valentines night in Cupid is Stupid. Add your exes picture or name to our Burn book and Bring your exes old sweatshirt, t-shirt, or whatever they left behind and we will donate it for you! 2020 is your year and you were too good for them anyway! The Jump Cut provides the soundtrack,  while you enjoy the best staff in Columbia mixing up the best cocktails.